5 Tips for Easing Your Mind from COVID-19 Stress
Jan 20, 2021
Liz Madison
African American dad and daughter cooking over a stove at home

New developments emerge every day with the COVID-19 pandemic. After more than a year, the toll of these changes can have a cumulative effect and weigh on one’s mental health. How can someone stay present and mindful in stressful moments?

1. Get Back into Routines. Maintaining a consistent schedule for daily activities—like sleep, exercise and downtime—can help you feel more in control of things you have influence over.

2. Take a Break. Overconsumption of COVID-19 news can feel overwhelming. Take periodic breaks from the news and social media to help maintain balance.

3. Stay-at-Home Hobbies. More time at home can mean more time for hobbies. Reacquaint yourself with a favorite past time or dive into something new. Creative outlets can help one feel clear, calm and even joyful.

For the rest of these tips, check out our video featuring Lindsay Cunha, Psy.D., from Sutter’s Mental Health and Addiction Care team.


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