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From 20 to 8 Days: How We Improved COVID Care

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sutter Health’s network of 22 hospitals has reduced the stays for COVID-19 patients from an average of 20 days to just eight days today, thanks to a coordinated response deployed by the integrated healthcare system.

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Flu or False: 6 Flu Vaccine Myth Busters

This year, it’s more important than ever to have your flu facts straight because influenza and COVID-19 are separate viruses –so we run the risk of contracting both at the same time.

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MLS Player Stays in Game by Getting Annual Flu Shot

Most of the world plays soccer during the winter months, when flu and seasonal colds are circulating. To stay healthy on and off the field, professional soccer player Shea Salinas gets an annual flu shot and hopes you will too.

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Air Quality + COVID-19. What Does Combo Mean for Lung Health?

Wildfires burning across Northern California coupled with extreme heat and dryness has the air quality in the unhealthy range. All of this is sparking concerns for people with respiratory issues, especially those with COVID-19. A pulmonologist weighs in.

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