Award-Winning Ambulatory Surgery Centers Offer High-Quality Same-Day Surgery
Oct 18, 2023
Sutter Health
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By Elisa Bosley and Melissa Fuson, Vitals contributors

Have an injury or illness that requires surgery? The road to recovery might be shorter than you think.

One dependable path is the ambulatory surgery center, or ASC, a surgical setting that’s primed for efficiency. ASCs are equipped and staffed to safely offer high-quality, same-day medical procedures – including knee replacement, cataract surgery, hernia repair and many more – without the need for an overnight hospital stay.

“ASCs have proven to be a convenient, efficient and affordable option for surgical care,” says Bradley Heaton, CEO of the Sutter Surgery Center Division. “Patients can have surgery at an ASC and then recover in the comfort and quiet of their own homes, in their own beds.”

Since they first began operating in the U.S. more than 50 years ago, ASCs have become more commonplace; there are now more than 6,000 nationwide. Sutter Health’s system has grown its number of ASCs and surgical care offerings to keep pace. Today, it includes 36 ASCs and one surgical hospital, serving 18 California counties from San Diego to Redding.

ASCs Recognized for Excellence

Recently, 10 Sutter facilities were named among America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers by Newsweek and Statista, based on quality of care, performance data and peer recommendations. The 2024 honorees are:

  • Sutter Health – Surgery Center Mountain View . . . #4 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Surgery Center Palo Alto . . . #7 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Surgery Center Fremont . . . #22 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Carlsbad Surgery Center . . . #26 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Roseville Endoscopy Center . . . #35 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Fort Sutter Surgery Center . . . #50 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Alhambra Surgery Center, Sacramento . . . #55 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Sierra Surgery Center . . . #68 in the State
  • Sutter Health – Santa Barbara Endoscopy Center . . . #76 in the State
  • Sutter Health – CPMC Pacific Heights Outpatient Center . . . #83 in the State

Leading-Edge Care for Adults, Kids—and the Planet

Sutter ASCs offer surgical advancements only dreamed of in years past. Many employ robotic surgical tools – which offer most patients reduced post-surgery pain and faster recovery time – and two Sutter ASCs now perform colonoscopies using technology-powered artificial intelligence that delivers a better view of potentially cancer-causing polyps.

High-tech tools are also being used specifically for kids undergoing a surgical procedure, such as ear-tube insertion or tonsillectomy. One Sutter ASC uses virtual reality headsets to help calm kids before surgery.

Sutter ASCs are also leading earth-friendly innovations. Most have begun using a type of anesthesia that releases much less greenhouse gas than other options, while still offering minimal side effects and smooth tapering.

It’s no wonder Sutter ASCs perform tens of thousands of procedures every year. With efficiently delivered healthcare, lower stress for patients, and reduced cost and environmental impacts, everyone wins.

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