Digital Healthcare Isn’t Hyperbole; See How It’s Here and Now
Mar 10, 2022
Liz Madison
Woman Looking At Her Smart Watch for a pulse trace

The healthcare tech circles can be full of buzzwords. “Seamless.” “Frictionless.” “Empowered.” Clever phrases are also coined and cultivated. Case in point: “click and mortar,” which is meant to illustrate the new hybrid care model that includes both virtual and in-person visits between patients and clinicians.

But this isn’t just all talk. There is plenty of action behind these words, too. No place was that more evident than at the recent ViVE 2022 conference, where top thought leaders gathered to share how they are shaping tech-enabled healthcare.

Asian man seated on stage with blue sportscoat and pants and blue triped shirt with graffitit-like background behind him

Dr. Albert Chan, chief digital health officer, Sutter Health, at the ViVE 2022 conference

“Adoption of change is possible, totally possible when the needs are met, and when situations align,” said Dr. Albert Chan, chief digital health officer at Sutter Health, a not-for-profit healthcare network based in Northern California. “But that is the key thing, right? How do you figure out what the alignments and the desires are of providers, the patients and the organization?”

Dr. Chan and other experts pondered this question during the ViVE 2022 panel, “Icing the Patient Experience Cake with Automation.” Dr. Chan and his team have chartered a very specific course to find this not-so-mythical intersection where all parties can benefit more from digital health enhancements. Learn more about those efforts in Digital Health Insights and MedCity News, which offered previews to Dr. Chan’s panel.

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