Experts Show Off Their Heart-Saving Skills
Feb 7, 2024
Emma Dugas
Group of medical professionals demonstrating a heart-lung machine

Few medical terms are more mainstream than those that deal with the heart.

Most adults in America have heard of CPR and seen an AED machine. Many can also describe what an ECG or electrocardiogram readout looks like, and may even wave their finger to mimic the rhythmic display.

But this heart month, Sutter Health encourages you to go beyond the shorthand to witness the life-changing potential of these common cardiac interventions.Heart Month event flyer

Recently, Sutter Mills-Peninsula Medical Center and Sutter Palo Alto Medical Foundation teamed up to host a free heart health expo for the community. The second-annual “Wear Red” event included CPR and AED demonstrations, encouraging participants to learn these heart-saving skills.

Booths offered attendees a close-up look at new Expert answers questions about heart valve repairmedical techniques to treat cardiovascular disease. The audience also heard the latest research on heart healthy diets – and had the chance to sample some recipes!

Finally, short talks introduced local patients to the doctors, nurses and others who treat heart conditions at the award-winning hospital and medical group.

Experts even filmed a few demonstrations to spread the event’s education further, through social media.

In this video James Robinson, nurse practitioner with Sutter Palo Alto Medical Foundation, outlines the basic steps of CPR.

In this video Jessie Peng, nurse practitioner and Rajvi Kadakia, physician assistant, both with Sutter Palo Alto Medical Foundation, explain how you can use an AED.

Finally, in this video, Cris Panaligan, a nurse manager with Sutter Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, discusses how Sutter hospitals use ECG machines to deliver safe, personalized care to patients.

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