Hospice Program Leaves Lasting Impression on Sacramento Couple
Aug 3, 2023
Sutter Health
Dave and Lois standing in garden

By Mark McCoubrey, Vitals contributor  

Love stories like the one of David and Lois Warren are timeless. Their lives reflected a deep affection for each other and an endless curiosity of the world around them. And in their deaths, their love endures—lifting up those they never met, but with whom they share a common bond.

David and Lois first met at a café in Florence, Italy, 1970. Lois was eating breakfast by herself in a completely packed room. As David looked around for a table to enjoy his meal he spotted Lois, who flashed him a welcoming smile that he could not resist.

Eight romantic dates later, David and Lois were presented as Mr. and Mrs. Warren.

For 43 years, the couple shared an insatiable appetite for travel, the arts, teaching and lecturing, downhill skiing, horseback riding, dancing, and every manner of living a full, active life.

Dave and Lois in their younger years

The couple shared their passion for travel, art and teaching for more than 40 years.

While they did not have any children together, David and Lois were both college professors and considered themselves the parents of hundreds of their former students, for whom they immensely cared for and were more than willing to invest in.

“They were always interested in seeing people be educated, knowledgeable, thinking and learning, because that was what they did,” said Susie Zook, Lois’s niece. “They always told me throughout my lifetime, ‘If you want to go to school, if you want to go to college, if your kids want to go to school, if they want to go to college, we’ll pay for it.’”

David and Lois’s generosity extended far beyond education, giving to many charities throughout their lives. One such act of generosity came about after they were faced with what was perhaps one of their most difficult experiences together.

In 2013, Lois contracted a severe lung infection. The infection was so severe that her care providers suggested that hospice would allow her to live her remaining days with David in the familiarity and convenience of their longtime Sacramento home.

True to how she lived, Lois was graceful and full of spirit during their final days together. David read aloud from her diary stories that reflected on their many adventures. She passed peacefully at the age of 89 with David nearby, surrounded by her many pieces of art in the home that she helped inspire and create.

An older Caucasian couple sit with on marble steps with Hawaiian leis around their necks.

David and Lois’s generosity extended far beyond education, giving to many charities throughout their lives.

David was so grateful for the excellent and compassionate care that Lois received that he decided to leave a bequest in his estate which, following his passing, would provide a generous donation to Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento and Sutter Care at Home.

Sutter Care at Home provides a comprehensive range of services designed to improve comfort and quality of care for patients in their own home, including home health care, hospice care, Advanced Illness Management (AIM), home infusion therapy and more. The program operates across multiple counties throughout Northern California and gives patients access to specialized resources, programs and support through Sutter Health’s integrated network.

On April 12, 2023, David was reunited with Lois once again, passing away at the age of 92.

David and Lois’s giving spirits will continue to live on in Northern California, helping to heal patients and families who are going through some of life’s most complicated and painful challenges.

“With this gift, David and Lois are leaving behind them a wonderful legacy of generosity and care that will go on to serve countless patients in the future,” said Melissa Cohea, philanthropy executive at Sutter Care at Home. “Not only are they helping to fund necessary hospice services such as bereavement, staff training and various therapies, but they are also greatly benefiting the people of Sacramento for many years by donating toward the area of greatest need at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento.”

Prior to his passing, David reflected on why he decided to leave a legacy of giving behind to help future patients and families during their most trying of times.

“The kindness and consideration of the hospice staff who cared for Lois is what motivated me to leave a bequest gift to Sutter Care at Home,” said David. “From the physician in the hospital, to the hospice staff who cared for Lois before she passed, there was nothing but kindness and compassion shown. It was one of the most touching moments of my life. I hope my gift helps others in hospice care who need financial aid, to be surrounded by love and kindness like Lois. Everyone deserves the same level of compassion and care.”

To learn more about the many ways you can leave a legacy, please visit http://sutterhealth.org/giving/planned-giving.



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