International Media Explore High-Tech Innovations at Sutter’s CPMC During APEC
Nov 17, 2023
Ashley Boarman
A surgeon in scrubs explains robotic technology for media.

Journalists and health reporters from renowned media, including Reuters, Bloomberg, Xinhua News Agency and Agence France-Presse, met with senior members and physicians at Sutter’s California Pacific Medical Center today. Many members of the press are in town covering the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference and were given the opportunity to tour Sutter’s CPMC as a premiere San Francisco hospital.

Cardiac specialist Dr. Steven Hao explains the innovative world of cardiac electrophysiology and diverse offerings available for patients at Sutter’s CPMC.

During the event, media representatives were given behind-the-scenes access to the hospital’s extensive operating unit. They were informed about the general activities of the medical center and the countless technologies and innovations implemented there. The group also received a firsthand look at how Sutter CPMC prepares for mass casualty events, such as earthquakes. This includes how Sutter Health’s supply chain team uses a “tiger team” always-on approach; helping ensure that every one of its care facilities and medical foundations across Northern California has the supplies and personal protective equipment it needs, as well as looking for approved alternatives well before a supply disruption occurs.

Guided by Anna Choi, director of interventional services, EEG & surgical scheduling, media saw a demonstration of Sutter CPMC’s robotic bronchoscopy procedure by pulmonologist Dr. Jey Chung. This advanced form of non-invasive robotic technology is used to identify and mark patients who are suspected of early-stage lung cancers. Next, Dr. Leslie Kardos, gynecologist, gave an overview of the hospital’s latest Da Vinci Surgical System (DVSS) used in caring for women with gynecological issues like uterine fibroids and their removal.

Transplant surgeon Dr. Robert Osorio explains the carefully coordinated surgical event that is organ transplantation and how newer technologies in the operating room, like lights with cameras, are beneficial to everyone in the operating room.

Liver transplant surgeon Dr. Bob Osorio also provided a summary of Sutter CPMC’s robust transplantation services, including its Living Kidney Donor Institute. While with Dr. Osorio, media were able to witness the arrival of a kidney waiting for transplantation. Additionally, Dr. Mimi Lin, gastroenterologist, explained the highly specialized field of motility testing and neurogastroenterology in treating things like bowel disease or upper GI issues, while Dr. Steven Hao, cardiac specialist, invited the journalists into the hospital’s electrophysiology room and talked about the cutting-edge innovations in cardiac care and how he and the team use multiple sources of technology and high-tech equipment to diagnose and treat patients with cardiac disease. He further touched on how Sutter CPMC physicians are working with Sutter’s innovation team in exploring artificial intelligence to better predict cardiac events in patients who are at risk for things like AFib or heart failure.

Sutter’s CPMC opened in March 2019. The 274-bed acute care hospital specializes in organ transplant services, complex gastroenterology cases, pediatric emergency and specialty care, maternity care, cardiovascular care and orthopedic surgeries.

CPMC and all Sutter hospitals can welcome representatives of the media, cooperate organizations, foreign ministries, and other international development organizations to tour facilities. Requests can be made by calling Sutter’s media line at 1 (800) 428-7377 or by visiting

Gynecologist Dr. Leslie Kardos shows how the Da Vinci robot allows her to make precise 180-degree movements that human hands and wrists are not capable of making.


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