Leading System Sees Opportunity in Rapidly Evolving Industry
May 14, 2024
Sutter Health
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Sutter Health today released its 2023 online Annual Report along with its first-ever leadership annual letter, in which Sutter Health Board Chair Ken McNeely and President & CEO Warner Thomas give their perspective about the state of healthcare today and where Sutter Health is headed in the future. They say 2023 marked an exciting new chapter for Sutter and that the organization is positioned to meet today’s challenges and thrive in this evolving healthcare environment. Read an excerpt of the letter below or the entire message in Sutter Health’s 2023 online Annual Report.

“There’s never been a shortage of opportunities, adversity or competition in healthcare, but today is an unprecedented time of change and challenge in the industry. Healthcare organizations nationally are grappling with complex headwinds on a number of different fronts.

“Every day, roughly 11,000 people age into Medicare. Because the government consistently underpays for care, this puts even more financial pressure on already stressed health systems across the U.S, which could impact their ability to deliver care in their communities.

“At the same time, major players in retail and tech have begun delivering care directly to patients and are using AI and other digital tools to change care models. These disruptors aren’t the only new players in healthcare delivery: Large insurance companies are now employing physicians and other healthcare providers in markets across the country.

“These changes have created a tectonic shift in the delivery of healthcare in the U.S. As patients’ options and expectations change at an increasingly rapid pace, health systems either transform to meet their needs or face being left behind.”

Read more in Sutter Health’s 2023 online Annual Report.

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