Preventable Hospitalizations Can Shed Light on Health Equity
Aug 24, 2021
Sutter Health
Black senior patient using mask looking through window at hospital

The glaring realities of health inequities continue to come into focus. U.S. News & World Report recently developed measures aimed at capturing how effectively hospitals contribute to racial health equity in their communities.

Alice Pressman, PhD

Alice Pressman, Ph.D., M.S.

Alice Pressman, Ph.D., M.S., Sutter Health’s executive director for the Center for Health Systems Research and the scientific research director of Sutter’s Institute for Advancing Health Equity, spoke with U.S. News & World Report about its newly launched measures. She also highlighted Sutter’s work in the health equity space, including the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Index and the research showing disparities within hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

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