Sutter Health Expands Cancer Care by Acquiring 5 Radiation Oncology Centers
Mar 1, 2024
Sutter Health
A black woman with cancer is spending time with her daughter. The woman is wearing a headscarf to hide her hair loss from chemotherapy treatment. The mother is holding her daughter. The two individuals are smiling and leaning in close with their foreheads touching.

Planned Capital Investments Will Enhance Current, Future Care Services

NORTHERN CALIF.— Sutter Health has purchased five GenesisCare radiation oncology centers to keep high-quality cancer services rooted in California’s Central Coast, Central Valley and Silicon Valley for years to come.

“Sutter Health is committed to providing the highest quality care throughout the communities we serve. We know how important it is for specialty services like cancer care to be offered close to home so patients can stay on track with their treatments. Keeping continued cancer care accessible in these communities was a driving force for Sutter to acquire these care centers. We are excited for the promise these centers hold for existing patients and for those who may need this type of care in the future,” said Warner Thomas, president and CEO of Sutter Health.

The radiation oncology centers are in Modesto, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, Stockton and Templeton. The centers will benefit from Sutter Health’s not-for-profit, integrated system and its clinical best practices, additional cancer resources and technologies. Sutter Health is already a recognized leader in high-quality radiation oncology care accredited by national organizations, including the American Society for Radiation Oncology. Sutter Health has also identified future capital investments for the centers that initially include new radiation oncology equipment and technologies, as well as other patient care support services.

As part of Sutter’s commitment to these centers, the majority of the existing GenesisCare team members will join Sutter in providing continuity of care. With both a local team of professionals, and Sutter’s high-quality approach to radiation oncology, Sutter is well positioned to continue delivering the highest quality standard of care for patients in these communities, while strengthening the foundation for future capabilities.

“A growing aging population means more individuals will be diagnosed with cancer and potentially need radiation oncology care right where they live. These trends drive the need to expand clinical cancer expertise to support these communities,” said Todd Smith, M.D., chief physician executive for Sutter Health. “We look forward to our ongoing work with community providers who serve patients today, helping support a continuity of care for them, while looking at ways to bring more physicians to these areas so we can expand access to serve more people tomorrow.”

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