Below you will find a suggested list of educational e-learning modules. This list is not exhaustive. Physicians are encouraged to seek out additional self-directed health equity education e-learning modules, courses or trainings.


Diversity Science (Perinatal Care*):

  • Dignity in Pregnancy & Childbirth: Preventing Racial Bias in Perinatal Care (Estimated time: 1 hour)
    Presented by Diversity Science. *Note: If you are a perinatal clinician, Sutter Health has selected Diversity Science’s training to fulfill the mandate for the SB 464 Dignity in Pregnancy & Childbirth Act of 2019. This training will fulfill this requirement as well as the Sutter Health health equity-focused education requirement for all clinicians privileged at Sutter hospitals.
  • “Understand & Prevent Implicit Biases in Patient Care: For Physicians” (Estimated time: 30 minutes)
    Presented by Diversity Science.
    Please use the “Sign in” or “Log in” prompt. Enter your Sutter Health email address and the password Quality2023! to get into the course. The code SUTTERH will provide a 50% discount on this course through April.
  • [Note: If you are having trouble accessing the Diversity Science module, please contact the help desk directly at help@diversityscience.org]


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