Conducting & Facilitating Research

Sutter’s dedicated Advancing Health Equity team has examined our own data to identify how to provide optimal outcomes for all patients in a number of areas, including maternal and birth equity, chronic disease management and mental and behavioral health equity, among others.

Health Equity Index and Metrics

Sutter’s groundbreaking metric uses analytics and dynamic population data to measure health disparities. Sutter applies novel methodologies and health equity metrics within our own network and shares the tools with other health systems so they too can better understand and address health inequities.

Maternal and Birth Equity

We have been working to identify and quantify disparities in maternal outcomes, as part of the multidisciplinary effort to mitigate and prevent maternal and infant health disparities within our system. Our current research examines the influence of patient-, provider- and facility-level risk factors. We use these learnings to help design solutions to promote health equity during the perinatal journey for our patients and their families. In 2023, we launched three pilot programs focused on improving perinatal mental health screening, breastfeeding and doula care services for at-risk patients.

Mental Health Equity

Work is currently underway at Sutter to identify and address health disparities in mental health, such as depression screening and follow up care.

Disparities in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases

Our efforts are currently focused on identifying and eliminating health disparities in care management among patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension by analyzing care quality measures and social determinants of health. We will use what we learn to inform evidence-based, effective solutions to address disparities in blood pressure and/or diabetes control. Additionally, we have work underway to address disparities in colorectal cancer screening.

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